Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Visitor and The Ranter

So first up is a commission for my friend, PJ. It's a depiction of his dream which he described to me so long ago he had forgotten it. I embellished it a bit. In the dream he said that he had a tinfoil hat and people started bringing him things. All PJ requested was that a wolf be involved. So I made his tinfoil hat extra extravagant and had him intercepted by a gift-giving messenger from some wolf-riding amazon race.

For the people out there who have dreams they would like interpreted please contact me about doing a commission. Much of my work is inspired by dream-like worlds. Worlds where pants aren't always necessary and there's nothing but trouble to get into.

Next is a clip from the field recordings I make while en route to work or home or wherever. Candid crazies, arguments, or any sound I happen upon that gives me pause.

This particular clip is from a very lucid ranter I heard on the street car. He seemed to be addressing not only those on the street car but the city of Toronto as a whole.


I've provided a transcript of the rantings below so you can follow along? Just in case his genius was not immediately evident.

"...somehow are awarded some of my qualities unto yourselves? I don't think so. I think you're vile. All my qualities tell me you're vile. I tell you I'm being tortured and your like, 'that's what I said. You know?' There's a frickin' difference actually. I have a ludicrous pain tolerance, you might not, eh?"

"No, no, you're not allowed to make fun of me, eh? You're only allowed to send me those fake concerned looks that are more insulting and scarier than anything imaginable. 'Look at me! I can fabricate a fake concerned look. I'm like a George Bush.' Eh?"

"I've been studying reasoning my entire life, Toronto. My entire life. And your arguments as a population are moronic at best. And it would require torture for you to nod 'yes' to those moronic arguments. Are you being tortured, Toronto? Are you just sick and pathetic? Uh? You're just greedy little bastards. I kind of fantasize about being tortured instead of being greedy little nothings."

And then he got off. Wow.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Queen's Accusation REVISED!

So this is an older piece posted before that has been revamped. When a friend came over and thought the queen was a fly I knew she needed to be updated. It's one of those weird mindset's you get in where something seems like it should be obvious but is clearly just a projection. So here she is, with an addition that, I hope, makes her more bee-like.

She's also on sale HERE at the Cyclops and Owl etsy store.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What a rental.

Alright. I'm not one to be loyal to brands but I love Budget when it comes to renting a car. I love Budget because I hate Discount.

When I arrive to claim my reservation at Discount they say they do not have the car I have reserved but they can offer me a Mini Cooper or a BMW, both of which can not be insured through Discount's insurance policies. They say I will have to call my credit card provider and arrange my own insurance which will, no doubt, be more expensive than the Intermediate car.....which I RESERVED. They say they MIGHT have some cars coming in later, maybe --- they never know. Yes, that's what they said. So I took the subway to the place I had initially planned on driving to. Then 4 hours later they call saying they finally have a car for me. The above was drawn on the subway on my way back across town to pick up my quaint little Chevy Cobalt with nostalgic manual locks (they still make those?) The drawing made me feel much better.

I apologize for the rant but if one person steers clear of Discount then it was worth it!

As a comparison, every time I have reserved an Intermediate car from Budget in the past year they also didn't have that particular car ready for me when I arrived. But THEY gave me something like a Dodge Charger for the price of the Intermediate car every time. The End.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Got their hair did #5

#5 in the series of 8. B-b-b-b-bangs!


Got their hair did #4

#4 in the series of 8. No Bump-Its here. Bouff-Its, maybe.


Also, this is apparently my 100th post! To celebrate I will try to get to sleep before 3 tonight. I'm not promising anything.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Friday, October 2, 2009

Got their hair did #2

#2 in the series of 8. There must have been some serious hairspray tycoons in the 60s. Good-bye Ozone!

Full story here

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Got their hair did #1

Over the years I've accumulated a lot of unique surfaces that I have left unfinished or unbegun. It ends now. From an old Operation game board to a raw matryoshka nesting doll, (both now in progress, thank heavens) they start to haunt you. Once they were fiercely inspiring but left to grow dusty on the shelf they become ugly goblins, mocking you as you stroll by.

What the piece above (about 2.5'' square) was painted on is definitely from the crypt. This series is painted on half the stained glass pieces from a salvaged hanging lampshade. It was grabbed one night on a walk--- from what was technically garbage (garbage picker!). I brought it home and quickly dismantled it with some tin-snips. The pieces have been in a drawer long enough to be moved to a new apartment and I moved almost 2 years ago, so, SHIT!

60's Hairdos!

There are 8 in all. They will be sold separately in the Cyclops and Owl etsy store once the hangers are applied.