Monday, August 9, 2010


My first solo art show. It is less than 2 weeks away, which seems like about 15 minutes from now. It is for ONE NIGHT ONLY so get your looking balls ready for a feast. On side A of the postcard you can see Admiral Nautiluscia. She is one of the ladies that will be on display.
It is being held at TABULA RASA, the best new store in the neighbourhood for vintage and designer women's fashion. There will beverages, music provided by My Liner Notes and, of course, heroines, harlots and harpies. And bring your camera for a surprise care of Amarina. And we're liable to cut a rug, so that's always worth cli-click or two, too.

The facebook event page is HERE. Tell your friends!

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cyclops and Owl brand

Started as a way to clear up that the cyclops in our logo is not rotund but rather he's just hunched over.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Avianettes: Owl

Some people like to bemoan the prevalence of owls in current culture. I like to bemoan the prevalence of these people. There is perhaps more questionable uses of owls recently but they were very popular in the 60s and 70s too, which is actually the cause of a lot of their current popularity seen in the trends of retro and vintage decor and fashion.

But owls are not awesome because they are in fashion now, then or otherwise. Owls are awesome because OWLS-are-AWESOME.

Have you ever looked an owl in the eyes? Chilling. That shit is pure magic.

9"x 6.5"
Stained glass lampshade piece, spray paint and sharpie

The 4th
The 3rd
The first 2

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Frisket Film: Amazing tool, but a harsh mistress

I love Frisket Film. I've just started working with it. I did a piece last week where I used it to mask out some great text. The above would have been great as well. I first masked out the razor sharp hexagon leaving behind the smokey plexi-glas. No problems, worked like a charm.
Then there was the second masking, for creating the swooping cloud background for the character. The knife cutting was hard but came out great. There was one problem. I left the frisket on overnight, what I now know is a cardinal frisket no-no, especially in this blasted heat. It was alright over the clean plexi, but where the matte jade paint was the residue was atrocious. I did a hasty paper remask to try to paint over it and save it, but to no avail. The residue is practically sneering at me in that picture. So learn from my mistakes. Frisket Film is great, just don't rest on your laurels.It just happened so I thought I'd post in the moment! The venting has helped.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Avianettes: Falcon

The tables of turned on this falconer and she likes it.

9"x 6.5"
Stained glass lampshade piece, spraypaint and sharpie

The 3rd
The first 2

The Avianettes: Hornbill

The continuing adventures of a lamp thrown in the garbage and the Avianettes.

9"x 6.5"
Stained glass lampshade piece, spraypaint and sharpie

The first 2