Sunday, May 22, 2011

Coincidence for Sale at Monastiraki in Montreal

So we went on a glorious trip to Montreal. We killed it! We thrive on adventure and particularly roadtrips.
Thanks to design sponge's amazing Montreal city guide we spent a whole day on bixi bikes be-bopping around Mile End, a fantastic neighbourhood with an amazing independent art scene.  A place that wasn't on the city guide but could not escape our curiosity radar was Monastiraki.  When we arrived it was Billy Mavreas, a wicked artist in his own right, at the helm.  Monastiraki is...well their description is perfect...
Founded in 1998 Monastiraki is a hybrid curiosity shop/art space. We host openings, book launches and micro-concerts, support a myriad of local and international artists, boast a huge selection of silk-screen prints, carry small press and zines, overflow with paper ephemera, have a fitful relationship with antiques and collectibles....and is a magical place sure to enchant the curious.
We bought plenty.  A few comics, some vintage maps and a few old photos.  One of which is shown here. This party scene was irresistible.  So much going on and it's all so drunk.  But the sheer drunkenness of the photo is not the ultimate feature.  Not even the guy on the left who is, clearly, on boner guard duty because smiley-poppy-dress girl is within make out distance. The real point of interest appeared MONTHS after we had returned from Montreal.

A friend noticed the picture for it's drunken bliss and then noticed the similarity between the ringleader of the drunk pic and the unsuspecting fellow from my piece "Breach" which I had painted 2 years prior to getting this photo and yet it seemed as though it was post-inspired by it.

What was the real kicker was that we had the photo sitting directly next to "Breach" for MONTHS completely unaware.
So in conclusion, go to Monastiraki if you're ever in the area, especially if you like getting goosebumps, from amazing art and ephemera and some inspiration for your present or past self.