Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cyclops and Owl

I've opened an Etsy store here. I'm slowly listing past artworks and making new ones. Buttons will follow in short order and T-shirts as well. And so begins my quest to carve out a niche for myself on this extremely exciting marketplace.

You have some money burning a whole in your pocket? Run, don't walk, to Cyclops and Owl!

Awakening the Valkyrie Cowbell

So I made my first submission to threadless

It was for a promotion they do for different bands and other things called "threadless loves." This particular one was for the band Hot Chip. The sub-theme was "interesting use of glow ink" (hot chip's latest album is called "Made In The Dark") and all the submissions were doing mostly retarded things like designs that didn't become anything until it glowed. I've seen shirts with glow ink and I know that it has a limited strength and isn't invisible when not glowing so I didn't want to do a design that wasn't cool until it glowed. My intention was to have all white space glow. I went simple and thus secured my fate. My average ranking was 1.05 out of 5. Thanks, threadless "community." It needed to get to 1.5 to even be considered for the next part of the judging process. Oh well. I love this chick and I plan on making a shirt of it at some point.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bitch In The Sky

Thanks to the lovely Pamela, hairstylist extraordinaire, this delightful depiction is hung prominently at GOTSTYLE, 489 King Street West Toronto. It's a menswear store of the highest order complete with spa. It is even cooler now that it has this beauty towering over it.