Monday, April 26, 2010

The Avianettes: Cassowary and Booted Racket-tail Hummingbird

The Avianettes. 7 ladies who share an unbreakable bond with their avian companions. Here are the first two completed.

I took these pictures before I put on the gloss varnish because I just couldn't wait to see them on the wall.

These were the newest pieces on sale at Bazaar of the Bizarre. I'll be posting the pics from the table next.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Crockenspiel And Her Keeper print

Off to war, off to the market square, off to get some milk from the corner store. It's all the same to Crockenspiel and her Keeper.

Hand-vectored from the original on vinyl record.

Come see this and other items for sale at Bazaar of the Bizarre!

5 x7 Prints: Hibou À Trois Têtes and Bliss Listenings

The swift-legged, 3-headed Ground Owl uses all 6 eyes to keep tabs on predator and prey. Though flightless, it will climb trees with great speed utilizing 3 beaks and nimble toes to gain a better view before scurrying down to the ground to pursue it's target. A rare treat for birdwatchers but beware, they are extremely unpredictable despite their charm.

Second is a detail shot from a family portrait I did for me and my girls.

Come see these and other items for sale at Bazaar of the Bizarre!

Monday, April 19, 2010

5 x 7 Prints: Busy Morning

Busy Morning

I will be selling 5x7 prints like the one above at Bazaar of the Bizarre this Sunday (@ Pia Bowman Ballet School which looks like a great venue).

"Busy Morning" is actually from an eventual comic starring Crushida, who has appeared in a previous switch plate wearing a much more complicated outfit. Here, she is enjoying her morning stroll to work as best she can. She normally doesn't carry a shoulder full of brand new samurai swords to work, she's more a hand-to-hand kind of lady, but her first case today is a couple of blood-thirsty squid-men picking off cyclists in the Don Valley. You might ask, "why would you need 4 samurai swords? I mean, you can only use 2 at the most, unless you're a squid-man." Well the answer is very simple. Squid-men are, as you would expect, extremely grabby and sometimes it's just easier to grab a new one straight away than to try and take the one you lost back.

I'll post the rest of the 5x7's over the next 5 days.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bazaar of the Bizarre

I am pleased as Punch to announce that I will be one of the lucky artists involved with "Bazaar of the Bizarre"! Check the facebook page for all the nitty gritty details. Below you will find a list of the staggering talent that will be peddling their wares at this eccentric event. I'm very excited and I'll be posting some new items that will be available at the show including 5 x 7 prints that I hand-vectored from some of the switch plates I've done. The posts will be coming more quick and dirty as the show grows closer so stay tuned.

Here's the Vendors List:
(I found links for as many as I could)

Plastik Wrap
Kaotic Ekko's
Clockwork Zero
Random Pretty things
ChiZine Publication
Beat Black
Dirty Little Secrets
Eden Bachelder Fine Art
Imaginary Thomas
Sci Feye Candy
The Original
BinarySoul Design
To Die For Designs
Roxy Swing Creations
Skye Castle Publishing Co.
Plastik Haar/ Neko designs
Sew Scary
The Circus Store
Sadistic Vanity
The Generation
The Gnarled Branch
Sick on Sin
Garden Dub
Dreaming Tree Paper Company
Zirco Circus
Creepy Christine
Jenuinekraft by Jenny Kuri
Papersnake Jewelry
Pamela Williams
Epidemic Clothing Collective
Cyclops and Owl ------------------<(Me!)
Positive Spin
Storming the base