Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bazaar of the Bizarre photos

Taking part in this show was a real treat! The vendors were awesome and so were the mobs of all ages wandering amongst the tables. Amarina and I met some great people. Above, you can see the full spread including an amazing banner that my cohort surprised me with!

There were great responses, the best ones often wordless. A favourite was from a girl who was walking by aimlessly. She looked over at my table absentmindedly, gave a blink that was nearly a flinch and stopped. Then took a couple steps towards the table, leaned over for a closer look, shaking her head while smiling.

Below in the middle you can see Feral Meryl. I had a contest going (a brilliant idea thanks to Amarina) where contestants suggest what Meryl will fight and the winner would get a print of their idea for free. Only 4 were daring enough to cast a ballot. Since all of their suggestions were amazing I've decided they all win and I can't wait to do them all!

Though she looks quite sharp in her ceremonial attire, Feral Meryl is, as her name suggests, a bit savage. She guards the Empress and anything that comes through that door will wish it hadn't.

The winners were:

Mr. Brett of ChiZine Publications
Mr. Thomas of Imaginary Thomas
Ms. Ele of Minouette
Ms. Julia of the House of Reynardin

I'll reveal their suggestions as they are completed.