Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Forest City Lovers - Music Video Storyboards

In August I had the pleasure of doing concept storyboards for a soon to be released Forest City Lovers music video (Here it is!).  At the helm was the duo, istoica and the individual humans James Cooper and Mary Gerretsen. They are all powerhouses and Class A colleagues so it was nice to share in a little side project action.
Because these were intended as inspirations rather than shot-by-shot sequences I was able to be pretty loose about their creation and embrace the dream-like nature of the video.
 The idea of the video, in short, was kids in the suburbs getting up to harmless rebellion with a bit of pool hopping.  And then they end up escaping to places farther removed from reality than the deep end.

Long flowing gown growing out from under the girls real world clothes

Needless to say it was a blast and I look forward to doing more with this bunch of cam-wielding superstars